Tony Manzella



Feel great on and off the bike. Again, not looking at this as a short term plan for a specific event. Lay down the groundwork to fuel my body correctly for the rest of my days on and off the bike. I will say that a big positive affect this has had on me is the way I feel under stress. I've owned a business for ten years now and things can get very stressful.


Incredible physical and mental stability on and off the bike. CONFIDENCE in how I feel and my knowledge of proper fueling. Mind over matter. If I know I'm doing what it takes to feel and be strong, then it's that much easier to make those things a reality, like winning my first cat 3 road race in a field of 60+ strong riders. Looking forward to more results like this in the future.


Client: Tony Manzella


  • Try to get faster than I've ever been at 41 yrs old.
  • Change my body composition and find the optimal fat to body weight ratio for power output, based on being an all-around cyclist. I'm a strong climber for my large size, but can also lay down big power in the flats.
  • Build mental and physical confidence by fueling my body properly and reaping the rewards of that work
  • Gain knowledge of how to create a diet that's sustainable long term. Not look at it as a diet, but simply how I'll eat forever, so I consistently feel great and perform optimally.