Reggie Williams

Workout Enthusiast


New York, NY


I began working with Phil and PFC almost 6 months ago. I was a bit skeptical about how it would be to get nutritional and, particularly, fitness guidance from across the country with me being in the New York area and PFC in Los Angeles. My doubts were shed almost as quickly as the 7 pounds I lost in the first week of working with Phil. From the outset, I knew it was going to be a great fit and my clothes would start to fit even better. Phil is a big personality even over the phone and his warmth and exuberance are contagious. No matter how self-motivated you may be, hearing his voice both over the phone and in your head thereafter during your workouts and as you consume your food (good and bad) is a friendly nudge that helps keep you focused and honest. With no amount of overstatement, he has completely changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition. Having been a work-out enthusiast for more than half my life, his guidance has allowed me to achieve things I never thought possible, particularly at the age of 45. I have gone from 14% body fat to 7% body fat and, quite simply, am in the best shape of my life. Those who have not seen me in some time, and even those who see me regularly like my wife, are amazed at the transformation. I look and feel as good as I ever have. If you are serious about your physical well-being and want a balanced, fulfilling and focused lifestyle that puts you on the path to being the best "you" can be, this metabolic journey will take you to heights you've never thought possible--no matter what your physical status is when you first meet Phil.


Client: Reggie Williams

Age: 45

Initial Weight: 175 lb

Initial % body fat: 14%

Current Weight: 169 lb

Current % body fat: 7%