Laramie Fassbender



In 2006 I weight 350lbs. I was depressed and afraid for my life and desperate to lose weight. I tried everything, nothing worked, even what I did lose was put right back on...If you're anything like me, you've been there/done the T-shirt! I felt my only option was gastric bypass surgery so in November of 2006 I underwent the surgery. After the surgery I was very successful at losing weight. In fact with determination and hard work I lost 145lbs. But the 145lbs loss left me just barely under 200. I was still obese and no amount of traditional diet, no amount of training would help me lose the last 35-40 lbs. For 4 years I was stuck again trying everything to drop the last bit of weight to no avail. Then my coach suggested that I see Dr. G. She was a client of his and had great success. I agreed and from my first meeting with Dr. G, I knew that this experience would be unlike any other. His plan was different. It made sense and was backed by medical research. There were no empty promises, no pat answers, no gimmicks. It was logical, straight forward and pretty simple yet amazing and ground breaking at the same time. I signed up for his program although due to past experiences with weight loss attempts, I remained skeptical. Nothing else worked so why should I believe that this would? And besides, I'd done so much damage to my body through fad dieting that I didn't think it would respond the way it should. So I ate what I was supposed to eat and much to my surprise, IT WORKED!!! I lost weight and more importantly I lost body fat. My hypoglycemia has been regulated and rarely becomes a problem anymore. I know that if I had met Dr. G and gone to Performance Fitness Concepts in 2006 I would have NEVER opted to have weight loss surgery!

I have had some bumps along the way. I developed a heart condition and had 3 surgeries within 8 months, but Dr. G was there to guide me through the process. Even though I could not exercise for nearly a year, I continued to lose weight and body fat! His nutritional and emotional support during this time was huge!


A few months into my program with Dr. G I began to manifest an eating disorder. This was something that I had struggled with a very long time ago. I hadn't even thought about in many many years, yet here it was, back with a vengeance. I was devastated. My eating disorder took me to a really bad place emotionally, stirring up painful memories of childhood abuse that I had previously worked hard to heal and grow beyond. I revealed my shameful secret to Dr. G. He was genuinely caring, compassionate and concerned and not the least bit intimidated. I came to find out he is well trained in and has a lot of experience with eating disorders. Dr. G helped me, and continues to help me face my demons, my eating disorder. He has provided so much more than I ever expected. His knowledge, combined with his genuine and authentic no nonsense approach is exactly what I need. His emotional support and counsel has been life changing. I know that I can conquer this eating disorder because Dr. G has given me all of the tools and support that I will ever need.

Through this journey with Dr. G, I have learned that life is a journey, not a destination. I've also learned that practice does not make perfect. Practice does however make progress. This is my story, my journey, my process.


Client: Laramie Fassbender

Age: 53

Initial Weight: 350 lb

Initial % body fat: 32.15%

Current Weight: 170 lb

Current % body fat: 16.55%

Initial Lipid Profile


Current Lipid Profile